I am thankful for my Dad.  You have taught me so much about how to become a better soccer player.You have cared for me like no one has ever have.You always know how to make me feel better after I am feeling bad.

You are always available for when I need help.When I want to learn a new move you always try your best to explain it.Any time that I want to learn new ways to defend which helps me out.You always show me how to do something that I never dreamed of doing.

You are the only one that helps me recover from an injury.When ever I get hurt you always come on the bench and help me.Anytime we get home you always confer me and help me.You always know how to make me recover the quickest ways.

Remote Learning

I personally don’t like remote learning.One reason I don’t like remote learning is because it is really difficult to focus at home.Another reason I don’t like remote learning is because It is hard to keep track of what you do at home.Last reason I don’t like remote learning is because I can’t ask my teacher questions in person.

I can never focus on my work cause of my siblings.One reason is because my older brother blasts music with his speakers which make it hard to focus.Another reason is because my little sister always is annoying me which is another reason I can’t focus.Last reason is all they do is annoy and distract me while I try to do my work.

I can hardly keep track of what I have to do at school.One reason is my brother always uses my laptop which means I have no time to do my work.Another reason is because I have soccer practice which makes it even harder to keep up with my work.Last reason is because I wake up very late which makes it even harder to keep up.

I can’t ask things

Information Security Analysts

When I grow up the job I want to have is called Information security analysts.Somethings I will need for this job is job responsibilities.I am going to need a lot of skills.But the biggest thing is I have to have a good education and good experience about the job.

My first main big idea is job responsibilities.One thing I do in this job is I would monitor the organizations networks.Another thing I do in this job is I would always install software and I would use the software.The last thing I would do is I would

Cesar Chavez

I think we should name a school after Cesar Chavez.I think we should name a school after him is because he gave Latinos good jobs.He also worked hard to make things right for Latinos.He protested the unfair conditions.

Cesar Chavez gave Latinos good jobs.He had to work very hard to get into the farmers association.Cesar kept recruiting more people for the association.

Compare and Contrast

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways,but different in others.They both are the same in one way which is that they both have to do with something like getting picked.However,Tessie is getting picked,but Katniss chose to pick her self.Also,Tessie was okay with the lottery but Katniss didn’t like the lottery.

Tessie and Katniss were in the lottery.The people who ran the lottery were the bad governments.They were both with their family and one of them had to die.

Katniss hated the lottery but Tessie like it as long as they didn’t pick her.Katniss said “Prim let go”I say harshly because this is upsetting me and I don’t want to cry.This shows that Katniss hates the lottery and does not want to be chosen.

Katniss cared about her family but Tessie doesn’t care about his family.Katniss said “I volunteer”I gasp”I volunteer as tribute”.This shows that Katniss is caring and cares about her family.Tessie didn’t care and decided to put her daugter in danger instead of her.

That is how Tessie tried to kill her daughter  and Katniss saved her sister.They both were in a lottery and Katniss hated the lottery and saved her family but Tessie liked the lottery and tried to kill her daughter.That is how they are the same and different.


I think the world is going to end is by another planet hitting Earth.I think the planet that is going to hit us is Mars because they could be getting closer.The gravitational pull from the Sun and Mars is getting weaker because of all it keeping our solar system together.The Sun will keep getting weaker through out the years and eventually it will get closer and destroy us.So that is how I think the world is going to end.


In the following year I want to change 3 things.The first thing I want to do is learn a new sport to play.Next,I want to do is learn a new language.Then,I will train harder in soccer.

That is what I am changing this year.I am going to play a new sport,learn a new language, and train harder in soccer.I will accomplish these goals I made for myself.


I am thankful for soccer.

It is important.

I love to see energy on the field.

I am thankful for soccer.

I feel grateful.

I wonder what if we had no money.

I try to do work for chore money.

I can wash dishes for money.

I am thankful for money.

I know my family supports me now.

I understand that my family can’t always support me.

I’m fortunate because my dad doesn’t always scream at me.

I dream of making a new family.

I am thankful for family.

Lottery organizer

Based on the words and actions of old man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s story the lottery I think he is upset about the lottery.Mr.Adams said to old man Warner,who stood next to him,that over in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery,old man Warner snorted.Pack of crazy fools.Old man Warner is upset because they might give up the lottery.I conclude that old man Warner feels upset about the lottery.

World Peace

I wish for world peace.I want no weapons,no countries,and no slaves.

I would hope there could be no weapons.I want weapons to get banned.I hope they can get rid of weapons.I would hope that they ban weapons.

I would like no countries.I would like Pangaea to still occur.I hope that all countries would come together.I wish that all countries would be friends.

I hope that there would be no slaves.I would like that all slaves would be free to do what they want.I hope that there will be no slaves in the future.I wish that slaves never existed.

World peace is wishful.We should have no weapons,countries,and slaves.I wish that none of this stuff excised.

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